Navigating Folders in Crossover Mac


Due to the nature of running two operating systems on your machine,

there are a number of drives and folders to navigate, including (Z:), (Y:), (C:), (Desktop) and (My Computer). 

Thus, it can be confusing to navigate through the folders when you first install, save or open Netica files on your Mac.


Here is a breakdown of the various drives and folders under Crossover Mac:


1. Desktop:  This is a Windows reference.  This is NOT your Mac desktop. 

There should be a separate folder in that same list of directories called "My Mac Desktop".

You need to install Netica on your Mac through the (Z:) drive.

Choose ‘My Mac Desktop’ if you want to access non-application files on your Mac.


2. My Computer:  If you open ‘My Computer’, you will find 3 drives:


/Users/yourcomputername (Y:)

/(Z:) – this also shows up as an icon of a hard drive with a blank (/)


Drive_c:  If you are used to working on a PC, the usual way to save a file is the C drive.

This is not the case when you are working with Crossover Mac. 

The C drive has a folder named "Program Files".  Do not be fooled, these are not the Program Files of your Mac!


(Y:) takes you directly to the main account directory of your Mac, where you will see a folder for your Desktop, Downloads, Documents, etc.


/(Z:) is basically the equivalent to the c:drive in Windows.  The path to your Mac Applications is: Z/Applications/Crossover

Save Netica in the top directory of the Crossover folder. 


Remember: You can save your BN files anywhere on your Mac. 

If you are trying to open a BN file from somewhere on your Mac, the path to your Desktop is: 

Z/Users/YourUserName/Desktop.  Or from “My Mac Desktop”.