The relationship between a node and its parent nodes can be entered using an equation if desired.  This is possible whether the nodes are continuous or discrete, and whether the relationship is probabilistic or deterministic.  The primary purpose of Equations in Netica is to build tables ( CPT or function table ), which are then used for Bayesian inference, doing net transforms, or expanding DBNs.  However, Netica may use the equations directly during deterministic inference (for greater accuracy) and inference by sampling (in which case tables might not be built because they would be too large).

The following sections outline further information on Netica’s equations:

Using Equations


Converting to a Table

Comparison to Java /C/C++


Link (Input) Names

State Names as Constants

Discrete Variables with State Values

Internal Form of Equations

Constant Nodes as Adjustable Parameters

Examples of Equation Use

Built-in Constants

Built-in Functions and Distributions