Opening a Window

The first step in creating a new net is to bring up a window for it.  Use File New Network or click the image\NewNetTOOL.gif toolbar button.  A window will appear in which you can build the net.  The title of the window will be set when you save it to file.

Existing Nets:  You will often find it easier to build a net by modifying an existing one.  To do so, read in the existing one with File Open (or click the image\OpenTOOL.gif toolbar button), save it under the name of the new net with File Save As, and then make the desired modifications, occasionally saving it with File Save, or by pressing image\SaveTOOL.gif.  Alternatively, you can read in a recently used net by choosing File Recent Files.

Multiple:  You can open as many net and text windows as you wish.  As with any Microsoft Windows application, the current operation always applies to the active window, which is the one in front with the non-dim title bar.  You can make a window active by clicking on an exposed part of it, or by choosing its title from the Window menu.

To obtain multiple versions of the same net, right-click on the net background and choose Duplicate in New Window, or choose Window Duplicate Net.

Arranging:  From the Window menu you can also choose Tile or Cascade, which will arrange all the windows accordingly.  If these are functions you use frequently, you can customize the toolbar by adding their buttons: image\TileHorizTOOL.gif, and image\CascadeTOOL.gif , or simply use their shortcut keys.

Closing:  When you are done with a window, you can close it in one of three ways:

1. by clicking the image\Title_Bar_Button_-_Close.gif button in its title bar,

2. if you have made unsaved changes to any window, Netica will ask if you want to save them first. Make it the active window and then choose File Close All, or

3. by pressing ctrl+w  or ctrl+f4.

If you find there are too many windows open at once, you can choose Window Close All and begin anew.