Un-Installing Crossover

1.  Drop your CrossOver bundle into the trash and empty it. This may first require you to stop the CrossOver CD Helper.

     To stop it manually, run the Activity Monitor (usually found in your Applications/Utilities folder).

     Select CrossOver CD Helper in Activity Monitor and click Quit Process to stop it.


2.  User-specific CrossOver files are located in your home folder, under the:

      Library/Application Support/CrossOver hierarchy.

     Trash that folder and its contents for each user of CrossOver on your system.


3.  Then, to be truly comprehensive, remove the preferences files located in:

      Library/Preferences/ called com.codeweavers.CrossOver.plist.


4.   If you have any published bottles or CrossOver has been run using your system's administrator account,

      you may have files in /Library/Application Support/CrossOver on your startup drive.

      These may also be deleted.