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Upgrade Order Form

This form is for ordering upgrades to existing Netica or Netica-API licenses.
Please use the order form if you wish to purchase a new Netica license(s).
For purchase order info, click here.
For special orders or questions about your order, contact our orders department.


Bill To:  
Street Address:
State / Province:
Postal / Zip Code:
License: To identify which license is to be upgraded, please supply the license password or the name of the original license holder.
Licenses to upgrade:
Technical  Contact: Fill out only if you wish to change the primary user of Netica, or their email address.
Send To: Fill out if ordering disk and manual, and
their destination is different from above.
Street Address:
State / Province:
Postal / Zip Code:

Upgrade Selection

Choose your type of institution:
commercial     educational
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Item Enter
@ Price Subtotal
Appl upgrade: v1 thru v4 to v6 x $425 =  
Appl upgrade: v5 to v6 x $265 =  
API upgrade: v1 thru v4 to v6 x $505 =  
API upgrade: v5 to v6 x $365 =  
Total (US$) =  

If you do not know the version number of your current license, click here.

An API license allows you to use any API version (Java, C/C++, C#, Visual Basic) on any supported platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, etc).

The Appl license is for Netica Application for Windows.
Note: Windows licenses can now be used on a Mac!

Should I get the manual?

To order an API Manual(s):
Add $145 for paper manual (C version), disks and shipping.
Add $85 for paper manual (Java version) and shipping.

If not downloading the software:
Add $35 for CD-ROM, if also ordering a paper manual
Add $45 for CD-ROM, if not ordering a paper manual

Software to be included on the disk (check all that apply):
Netica Application Netica-C API Netica-J API

Platform(s) if ordering Netica API:
Windows Linux MacOSX Android iOS

Price includes technical support and free upgrades for one year.

Special Instructions: P.O.#, VISA#, multiple copies, quote#, etc.
     To pay by VISA or MASTER CARD, put the card number and expiry date in the "Special Instructions" box below.   This web page is SSL encrypted and is secure.   

After filling out the above form, press the 'Send' button.
When your order is processed, you will be emailed directions and an invoice.

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