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Version Numbers of Norsys Products

Norsys keeps a single central library of source code from which all releases are made, whether they are releases of Netica Application or Netica API (including Netica-J).

Every time a release is made, the version number for all the source code is increased, for example, from 2.05 to 2.06. That becomes the release number of the product.

For example, if you have the following list of products:

 Netica API     2.03
 Netica Application     2.06
 Netica-J     2.10

you know that the Netica API release was first, followed by the Netica Application release, and then the Netica-J release. Therefore the Netica Application product would have all the features and bug fixes that the Netica API one did, and the Netica-J product would have even more than the other two.

Whenever you download a Netica product from the Norsys web site, other than the downloads directory, you can be sure it is the latest version fully released for that product, unless the text at the link says it is an alpha, beta, or pre-release version.

If you download from the downloads directory, there is no such guarantee. There have been a series of "pre-release" versions of Netica Application available from the downloads directory with file names like "ver206.zip". Most experienced Netica users use these versions, since they are reasonably bug-free and have lots of new features, but novices should probably start with the regular release, since that is what the on-screen documentation describes. For the latest documentation on new features, check the online help.

The version number of your Netica product is contained in your license password. To verify your exact Netica version: from the main menu choose Help About Netica. To check if you have the latest version of each Netica product, see the list of version numbers at: Current Version Numbers

All Netica products should be able to read the Bayes net files (.dne) created by any other Netica product, whether its version number is earlier or later. Of course, earlier versions will have to ignore some features they don't understand in files created by later versions.


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