Legal:  By installing and using Netica, you are agreeing to the terms of use, set forth in the License Agreement, which is also provided with the software in a separate document.

Requirements:  Netica Application requires a PC running any version of Microsoft Windows from XP to Windows10.  The 64 bit version of Netica requires Windows 7 or higher.  If you need a version of Netica for an earlier version of Windows (such as Windows 95), use Netica32.exe from the download package, or contact Norsys.  Installation requires less than 10 MB of hard disk space.  (Reason for Netica’s small size)  

Netica will run well even on a very slow PC (0.4 GHz), using very little RAM (about 30 MB), but working with complex Bayes nets may require much more speed and large amounts of RAM.

Windows Installation:  

1.  First obtain the Netica package file. it from the Norsys website or otherwise from Norsys.  The name of the file will be Netica_Win.exe.  

2.  Choose “Run” from the download dialog box, or save the file to disk and then double-click its icon.  

3.  When a dialog box appears, enter where on your hard disk you want the Netica folder placed.  You can put it anywhere you wish; popular choices are C:\Netica  or C:\Program Files\Netica.  Make sure there is a drive letter (e.g. “C:\ ”) , or at least a slash ("\") at the front of the location.  You don’t have to include version information in the name, because a folder called Netica ### will be created within it, where ### is the version number.  

4.  Click the UnZip button and then close the dialog box.

Mac Installation: To install Netica on a Mac, follow these steps.  Once you've completed installation, you'll want to become familiar with the FAQ for running Netica on your Mac.

Running:  Then, open the Netica ### folder from where you saved it.  This folder is known as the home folder.  Within it will be all the files required for Netica, including the executable files called Netica.exe (64-bit version) and Netica32.exe (32-bit version), with this  icon.  The first time you run an executable,  you should right-click on it, and choose "Run as administrator".  If you want you can run it by double-clicking it, but at some time in the future you should run it as administrator to fully register it with the system (for proper icons, opening document by clicking it, COM interface, etc.).  On some systems it may take a long time to start the first time; please be patient and know that next time it will start lightening-fast.

If you wish Netica to be on your Start menu, you can use the normal Windows method of dragging the Netica.exe icon  from the Netica ### folder (as mentioned above) and dropping it on the Start button. Or drag it to the desktop if you want to make a shortcut there.

Password:  The enter-password dialog box will appear, so if you obtained a license password from Norsys by e-mail or on your invoice, you may type it in, or better yet copy and paste it in.  If you later wish to remove or change the password, choose File Netica Password from Netica’s menu.  

Limited Mode:  You can use Netica without a password (called limited mode, also known as "free version"), and it will operate in a full featured and useful manner, but will not be able to do larger projects. More Info

Next:  Now that Netica is installed and running, you can get an introduction to how it works by doing the operations described in the Quick Tour, or check out the New Features.


Move Folder:  You can move the Netica folder to wherever you want on your hard drive at any time.  After moving it, you will again need to run Netica as Administrator once (as described above) to register the new location.

Multiple Versions:  If you have several different versions of Netica on your hard disk at the same time, one of them will be the "default" (e.g. it will be the one that will run when you double-click a Netica document).  To change the default, simply manually run once the desired version of Netica as Administrator (as described above).  There is never any need to uninstall any Netica version before installing any new one. Our license agreement allows for multiple installations of Netica, provided only the licensed end-user is using the password.

Uninstall:  To uninstall Netica, just delete the “Netica” folder.  Netica does not add any other files anywhere in your system (except of course .neta, .dne or .cas documents that you create get placed where you save them), and Netica adds very little to the Windows Registry.  If you have several versions of Netica, you can uninstall one version by simply deleting its folder; that won’t delete any files needed by any other version.