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Netica-J: Java version of the Netica API

Netica-J offers the complete Netica API in Java. If you are a Java developer this is exactly what you have been wanting, a very clean and natural object-oriented way to access all of Netica's power.

The Netica Java-API is one member of the family of Netica APIs, including ones for C, C++, and Visual Basic.

Java-API Features

This list outlines features specific to the Java-API. For the features shared by all the Netica APIs, please see the Netica API page.

  • Well written and easy to understand user's manual, and a comprehensive, detailed, and well cross-indexed function reference (javadocs).
  • A clean object-oriented design
  • Sample applications to get you started
  • Source code for dozens of powerful utility functions in "Extra" classes: NetEx, NodeEx, and NodeListEx
  • High performance, relying on the same ultra-reliable industrial-strength computation engine in Netica's C-API (hundred's of fielded applications over the past five years)
  • Natural and easy to use for any Java developer. Designed by Java developers for Java developers. For instance:
    • Uses Java's exception handling mechanism exactly as you'd expect, greatly simplifying your code
    • Supports event listening by any Java object for events such as the creation, deletion, duplication, etc. of Nets or Nodes
    • Supports user data fields for any Serializable Java object
    • Supports multiple threads
    • Supports standard Java I/O Streams
    • Includes basic graphics classes for displaying bayes nets
  • Thoroughly tested and reliable

Sample Code

These sample programs show how easy it is to develop in Netica-J:

Program Description
BuildNet.java Constructs a simple net for doing medical diagnoses, then saves it to file.
DoInference.java Does inference on the medical diagnosis net just constructed.
SimulateCases.java Creates a case file that matches the statistics of the above net.
LearnCPTs.java Learns the CPTs of a Bayes net from a file of cases.
MakeDecision.java Constructs a simple net to decide whether or not to take an umbrella based on the weather forecast.


  • Please see the parent page: Netica API Family regarding pricing.
  • The purchase of a Netica API license allows you to use all members of the Netica API Family with equal rights and obligations.
  • Free Version: You can download Netica Java-API (below) and try it for free. It will operate as a trial version that is full-featured but limited in model size.

Download Netica-J

Each download archive is a complete ready-to-run kit that includes linkable libraries, documentation, and demonstration programs. The only requirement is that you have a Java 2 development environment installed on your system.

Platform Version Comment
Microsoft Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7/10)
32 and 64 bit versions included
5.04 native libraries compiled with MS VC++ 12.00.8804
32 and 64 bit versions included
5.04 JNI libraries developed on gcc 4.4.6(32bit) and 4.5.2(64bit)
Tested on Ubuntu 11.0, Centos 6, and Centos 7
Macintosh OSX 10.7 and 10.8 x86 5.04 native libraries compiled with Apple's gcc-4.2.1
Android - ARM
5.04 Built with android-ndk-r8b on 64-bit Ubuntu Linux (11.04) with kernel 2.6.38-8

Versions for other platforms and older versions of the above software and documentation sets are available here.
Version numbers explained: The method for assigning version numbers to Norsys products is explained here.

Enquiries & Notices

  • To mail us with questions or comments regarding Netica-J, click here.
  • To be added to our mailing list and be notified of new releases and other news about Netica and Netica-J (mailings are infrequent), click here.


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