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Netica-C++ API
(C++ Programmers' Module)

The Netica-C++ API is a pre-release version. It is very similar in design and behavior to the Netica-J API. Currently many C++ developers are using the Netica C API.

The Netica-C++ API is one member of the family of Netica APIs, including ones for C, Java, and Visual Basic.

Netica-C++ Features

This list outlines features specific to the C++ API. For the features shared by all the Netica APIs, please see the Netica API page.

  • A clean object-oriented design
  • Complete and thorough documentation
  • A comprehensive installation guide and user's manual
  • High performance, relying on the same ultra-reliable industrial-strength computation engine in the Netica-C API.
  • Can do everything the Netica C-API can do
  • Thoroughly tested and reliable
  • Available soon with an interface to Netica Application, allowing you to control Netica's powerful GUI from Java, and vice-versa.


To download an API for a particular platform, click on one of the following:



  • Please see the parent page: Netica API Family regarding pricing.
  • The purchase of a Netica API license allows you to use all members of the Netica API Family with equal rights and obligations.
  • Free Version: You can download Netica Application, and try it for free. It will operate as a trial version that is full-featured but limited in model size.

Enquiries & Notices

  • To mail us with questions or comments regarding Netica-C++ API, click here.
  • To be added to our mailing list and be notified of new releases and other news about Netica and Netica-C++ API (mailings are infrequent), click here.



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