Package norsys.netica

Interface Summary
NeticaListener An interface that all classes which are to receive NeticaEvents must implement.

Class Summary
Caseset A collection of cases.
DatabaseManager A resource for connecting to a database and importing case data or exporting findings to that database.
Environ The background environment for all Netica operations.
General A class that provides generic useful documentation and utility information regarding a Netica object.
Learner An object for managing batch-mode learning, such as EM or Gradient Descent learning, of CPTs from case data.
Net A Bayesian belief network or decision network.
NeticaError A class that holds information on errors that occurred while Netica was attempting some operation (which become part of the NeticaException thrown), or on warnings or other status reports of successful Netica operations.
NeticaEvent Information describing an event which occurred within Netica.
NetTester A tool for grading a Bayes net by using a set of real cases to see how well the predictions or diagnosis of the net match the actual cases.
Node A node (object which represents a variable) in a Net (Bayesian belief network or decision network).
NodeList A java.util.Vector that is meant to store only Nodes from a single Net.
RandomGenerator A class that manages the generation of random numbers.
Sensitivity A sensitivity measurer, which determines to what degree a new finding at one node is expected to affect the beliefs of a certain other node.
State A state of a discrete Node, or a state of a discretized continuous Node.
Streamer An I/O handle to a file (for reading, writing, etc.).
User A class that provides facilities for defining and retrieving arbitrary user-defined data.
Util A collection of static methods of general use to Java developers.
Value The Value object is used to set a variable (node) to a certain value, or to provide uncertain information on the value.
VisualNode An object representing the visual aspects of a Netica Node as it would be displayed in the Netica Application.

Exception Summary
NeticaException A java.lang.Exception that holds extra information when Netica reports an error for some attempted operation.